Meet Paul Underhill

For over 20 years, Paul has captured life’s fleeting moments with passion, talent and an eye for detail. 

From royal engagements to boho gatherings, lavish castle weddings to intimate family occasions, international music festivals, conferences and more, Paul specialises in documenting large-scale events with creativity, immediacy and artistic flair.

His talent for noticing the subtlety of human interactions in emotional, life-changing and challenging situations results in photography that allows the intimacy, energy and joy of events to shine through in every shot. The moment may be over, but Paul’s photography ensures you can relive those memories in vivid detail whenever you wish.

Paul has also worked with a broad spectrum of international brands and local SMEs to provide high quality commercial photography, including lifestyle location portraits and artistic creations for large-scale marketing campaigns.

His passion for people translates into a friendly, discreet photography service that will set your guests at ease and capture the event in stunning detail. In corporate and commercial settings Paul is equally at home, able to implement creative strategies to competitively situate your brand, product or service.

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, Paul regularly works across London and the South Coast and is available for international commissions.

Dorset creative photographer Paul Underhill

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An interview with Paul


How did you become a professional photographer?

Photography became a passion from a very young age after my parents gave me a camera as a gift. The hobby naturally grew into a career as I discovered an artistic talent and an imaginative eye for images. I love taking photographs, being creative and producing great photos.

What do you enjoy best about your job?

There is no better satisfaction then having someone appreciate your photography. This has always driven me to produce images that excel every time, striving to exceed my potential both creatively and technically, this has allowed me to organically evolve as a photographer.

Whether fulfilling a commercial client’s brief for promotional photography or having a happy couple, their family and friends smile as they view their wedding day photos and get transported back to all the special moments.

What makes you stand out from your competition?

I have travelled the globe working as a photojournalist for the international press, glossy magazines and corporate brands, specialising in capturing the moment through lifestyle portraiture and event photography.

20 years of unique experience working for a wide variety of clients in diverse locations, from specific briefs through to openly expressive artistry and tight deadlines, has developed my technical skills, creative abilities, eye for detail and a professional approach.

How would you describe your services?

I always ensure I offer the same high standard of personal service to every client so that they receive the best possible images and professional service. From an initial consultancy to discuss their photography requirements to arranging post production work to ensure each image is at its best.

Using the latest digital technology and high end professional camera equipment I ensure all my clients receive the best glossy magazine quality no matter how large or small the shoot.

Fully digital production allows for changes and enhancements to achieve outstanding results even in the most difficult of situations, in addition to allowing endless creative control and artistry.

What type of photography do you produce?

As a full-time professional photographer and photojournalist I specialise in documenting weddings, a wide variety of special events including corporate conferences, through reportage and lifestyle photography. Commerical photography for local SME’s and international brands including staff portraits, product and location photography.

What photographic equipment do you use?

To ensure that I am able to supply the highest quality and reliability all my equipment is a professional grade. The cameras are Canon’s flagship models enabling superior image capture. The optics are Canon’s L series professional lenses that ensure sharp and crisp images. I always have spare equipment with me at all times and have them regularly serviced.

Peace of mind

As a professional photographer I have full comprehensive public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover.

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