What an amazing party for Ava’s 13th birthday! This very special occasion is called a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah for a boy’s 13th birthday, and is an important Jewish tradition.

The event was held near central London at The Happenstance Bar and lots of friends and family were invited to help celebrate. With a mixture of speeches and traditional Jewish dancing, followed by lots more dancing and excitement, it was great fun and full of happy moments, a real pleasure to document.

Here’s a preview from the documentary event photography.

“Thanks so much – really, really happy with the photography. Your way of working is really great – very low key which explains how you get such seemingly un-staged moments. The quality of the photographs you took are amazing – love the short depth of field which seems to find the right moment amongst all the mayhem!”  – Neil, Juliet & Ava

Creative documentary photography of Bat & Bar Mitzvah parties by London event photographer Paul Underhill

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