Before a wedding or any shoot I always complete a thorough check of my kit and ensure everything is ready. Here’s some wedding photographer tips on making sure you’re ready for the shoot:

1) Never assume that your kit is in your bag! It may sound simple but it’s easy to make an assumption that all your spare kit like a lens or memory card is there, when in fact it might have been left out on the side. Depending on the type of bag you use, some kit might be out of sight, so it’s essential to ensure all is present and accounted for.

Wedding photographer kit check listCamera bag for wedding photographers

2) Check all your batteries, the ones in the camera and spare batteries. Again it’s easy to make an assumption that all the batteries are full or have sufficient charge, but sometimes when you are busy shooting and have a packed schedule, it’s easy to confuse a battery being charged when in fact its empty.

Wedding photographer tips

3) After your previous shoot’s data is backed up and indexed, format your cards for a fresh start in camera. This ensures that you have all the room available for the wedding photography. If your camera has the option of dual cards slots I would highly recommend having 2 cards shooting RAW on one and smaller JPEG’s on the other as backup.

Wedding photographers camera gear

4) I always have my Macbook Pro and Lacie external hard disk with me so I can download photographs and backup during the wedding, usually during the wedding breakfast or whenever there is spare time in the schedule.

Tips for wedding photographers Wedding photographer camera kit

5) Depending on the type of bags you use, I always use 2. The main bag is an ONA Campus Bay backpack which houses the majority of my kit, spare lenses, speedlites, back up batteries, laptop, chargers, cables etc. The second bag I use is an ONA The Brixton messenger bag. This is great for just a few spares lenses to carry around easily and discreetly during a wedding. Both these bags exude style and class, which I feel is perfect for a wedding photographer.

Best camera bags for wedding photographers ONA camera bags ONA backpack messenger bag

Wedding photographer tips by Paul Underhill a Dorset wedding photographer and photojournalist

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