As a Dorset photographer and living in a seaside town like Bournemouth, beach photography is something that I have always enjoyed.

I spent some time with friends yesterday, had lunch at Branksome Beach then we went for a misty walk along the beach towards Sandbanks. The sea fog had enveloped the shoreline which made for a very different atmospheric scene from what I am used to, with muted colours and almost a soft focus effect on the seascape. In the distance you could see people on the beach walking under an ominous cloud, it was like a scene out of a movie, eerie and mysterious. I was inspired to document our walk and take some seascape photos.

Compact camera beach photography

I always carry some sort of camera with me, whether its the iPhone camera, compact camera or an SLR. On this occasion I had a pocket sized compact camera. The beach photography below was taken with a Sony RX100 which is a very capable compact camera. The dynamic range of the sensor and the quality of the optics are outstanding and pocket sized. All the images were shot in RAW and processed with Adobe software. The dynamic range of the sensor and the quality of the optics are outstanding.

Beach photography tips

My top tip for seascape photography is be careful with your exposure, as there can be allot of light reflecting from the bright sky and reflecting off the sand. Underexposure is common. Even with the misty beach scenes I had to add some exposure compensation to get a better exposure. Working with RAW files of course allows for precise correction and enhancements in post production.

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images of seascapes
beach photos of people

This photo of people on the beach is my favourite, I love the symmetry of the boy and his dad with the beach groin marker.
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