Carol got in touch in search of a party photographer to document her son’s 18th birthday party in Bournemouth, Dorset. The birthday party was being held in a marquee at the family home in Alum Chine and the theme was black tie. A mixture of reportage photography and informal group portraits were required, in addition to a few relaxed family portraits before the guests arrived.

Lots of friends were invited which were greeted by a doorman who had an exclusive guest list. One of Tom’s friends who is a DJ provided the party music, drinks and food were severed in the marquee. There was lots of dancing and party antics! I hope everyone had a wicked time after I left. Happy 18th Tom!

Just wanted to say thanks to Carol and the family making me feel very welcome. It was an epic birthday party, great fun to photograph.

18th Birthday Party Photography in Bournemouth

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Birthday party photography in Poole by Dorset event photographer and photojournalist Paul Underhill.

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