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Nightclubs, gigs, concerts and music festivals

Music event photography has been a passion for many years. I have documented youth culture and music events across the UK and internationally for the music press, promoters, corporate brands and sponsors.

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Photography of music events

As a music photographer I use reportage and documentary photography to capture the moment as it happens all the energy and passion. With real emotion and reactions the images tell a true account of the music event, all the passion and energy. Being a lover of music and people, music event photography came naturally. Many years experience as a music photographer has given me the instinctive ability to anticipate moments before they happen. This allows capturing of the atmosphere and people in the moment.

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The event photography can be tailed to suit your requirements, whether for promotion of future events or in connection with a brand, product, artist or sponsor. Production elements can be captured in a live setting with the crowd reactions and atmosphere, lifestyle portraiture and social documentary images for press and editorial.

Check out the festival photographer gallery for a selection of music event photos. You can also view the latest music event photography in my blog.

Get in touch about organising a music photographer for your event.

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