Had lots of fun photographing Kathryn and Paul yesterday for their pre wedding shoot at Highcliffe Castle, where they are due to be married in a few weeks. It was nice to meet up again as it seems ages since they booked me as their Dorset wedding photographer.

When we checked earlier in the week the weather forecast was rain, however we were blessed with a beautiful sunny evening and lovely soft cloud. After exploring the castle grounds we made our way to the beach for some sunset fun and romantic portraits. Very much looking forward to documenting their Highcliffe Castle wedding.

Pre wedding photography

Here’s the short photo story from the pre wedding shoot at Highcliffe Castle in Dorset, please use the social buttons and comment box below:

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For photographers

Wedding photographer tips : add a touch of fun to the pre wedding shoot

It’s helpful sometimes to make someone laugh, when a person is not that used to having their photo taken. It helps relax the subject and invokes some natural expressions. One way to do this when photographing a wedding couple, is during single portraits is to have their other half stand behind you and ask them to do whatever they like to make their partner laugh. They know them allot better than you and there are a variety of responses! But always the portrait subject is being themselves and reacting to their loved one. It breaks up the artificial situation of a professional portrait shoot and real laughs help calm nerves.

Pre wedding photography in Dorset by Highcliffe Castle wedding photographer Paul Underhill

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