I documented Katie and Niall’s intimate wedding celebration in Poole, Dorset. The day began at HNB in Canford Cliffs where Katie and her made of honour had arranged to get ready. I met up with Niall and his Bestman at the Guildhall in Poole just as the guests started to arrive. It was lovely marriage, finishing with a big round of applause and a bride and groom selfie!

The wedding reception was held at the Guildhall Tavern, just a short walk down the road. Even thought I only spent a short time with them, it was so much fun and great to document all the love and friendship.

A BIG congratulations to MR&MRS Adamson!

Dorset wedding photography

Here are my favourite photos from the documentary wedding photography and wedding portraits:

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Creative documentary wedding photography in Poole by Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill

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