It was Nicola and James’ pre wedding shoot the other day, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them and I’m very much looking forward to being their documentary wedding photographer for their Dorset country wedding which takes place in a few weeks. The wedding reception is being held at Nicola’s father’s farm in Dorset, which I’m very excited about and the quaint village church for their marriage is just a short walk up the road.

We arranged the pre wedding shoot at a location where there was a bit of cover as the weather was being very unpredictable. It was a rather overcast sky and typically as we arrived it started to rain, however after a short while the rain decided to stop and the sun even managed to come out in between the clouds, which made for some dramatic sky and lighting. We discovered that Nicola is the cheeky one and full of laughs, which made me giggle lots during the shoot. Check out the tree hugging!

Really enjoyed our time together and looking forward to documenting all the fun of their special day.

Pre wedding photography by Dorset wedding photographer

Here are my favourite photos from the pre wedding shoot:

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