Kelly and Chris’ documentary wedding photography photo story continues with their wedding reception at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole, Dorset. Here’s a link to Part 1 of their photo story, incase you missed it.

It’s always a pleasure to work as a wedding photographer and to share in the couples wedding day celebrations. Kelly and Chris are such lovely people, I’m humbled by their warmth and kindness. They also have a fantastic sensor of humour which is shared by their family and friends.

During the speeches Kelly’s father told some humorous stories one was about Kelly’s passion for Agadoo, which got a great reaction. There was also a big suprise for everyone, part of the wedding table decorations was a message in a bottle. During Chris’ speech he asked everyone to open the bottle and read the message, it was a copy of their first baby scan, Kelly is pregnant. The announcement was met with a round of applause and cheers, what a wonderful wedding gift.

A cheese cake was mentioned in the speeches, it was actually a wedding tier cake made of cheese not a sweet cheese cake (as I thought). This was a lovely wedding gift from family and friends. The seashell themed tiered wedding cake was made by Kelly’s very talented Mother. Kelly’s Rosetta Nicolini wedding dress was supplied by Berketex Bride.

The evening celebrations involved lots of dancing however the dance floor was stollen by one of the young children, all is revealed in the documentary wedding photography below.

As a wedding photojournalist my aim is to capture all the elements, the true essence and details of a wedding celebration. Documenting the morning preparations all the way through to the late evening dancing I believe is essential to tell the full story and to capture all the fun.

Wedding portraits at the Sandbanks Hotel

Bride and groom portraits Beach weddings Dorset Sandbanks beach wedding photography

Sandbanks Hotel wedding reception Poole, Dorset

Sandbanks hotel wedding reception

DIY wedding table decorations

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Documentary wedding photography: part 2

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Wedding cakes cheese tier cake

Fabulous wedding cake made out of cheese.Wedding cheese cake

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