Highcliffe Castle wedding venue in Dorset

Highcliffe Castle wedding venues Dorset

Highcliffe Castle wedding venues Dorset

Highcliffe Castle is a premier wedding venue in Dorset, situated on a cliff top overlooking Christchurch Bay with views of the Isle of Wight and access to the beach. The castle grounds have beautiful picturesque landscaped gardens ideal for wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer a Highcliffe Castle wedding is truly magical, it’s such a beautiful wedding venue to photograph. The interior of the ceremony room is full of natural light from the tall windows, giving a light and airy feel. Even on a dull overcast day this room has lovely character and appeal. The gardens provide many opportunities to capture beautiful imagery of the wedding party.

There is a gentle footpath down to beach which is ideal for the Bride wearing her dress and wedding shoes. It only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to walk this distance so there is plenty of time to make the trip to take some wedding portraits on the beach. We can even shoot the confetti photo here.

Highcliffe Castle wedding photography

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