Members of the LGBT community look toward future after Parliament votes in favour of gay marriage


Dorset, United Kingdom, March, 2013 – After members of Parliament voted in favour of gay marriage with a vote of 400 to 175, gay couples in the UK are starting to think of their wedding dreams as wedding plans. Although the proposal will go through several other stages before it becomes law, the vote’s wide margin and widespread public approval signal the start of a new era.

“It’s a huge victory for us,” said Stephanie Webb, 27, a gay bar worker from Dorset. “We’ve already had a civil union, but me [sic] and my partner Amelia decided to start saving for our wedding. It may be some time off, but we want it to be a day to remember!”

Considering that the average cost of a wedding is estimated to be £16,164 in 2013, Webb may be thanking herself once the big day finally arrives. Weddings with extravagant ceremonies, catering, live music and a honeymoon range from £20,000.00 and beyond.

Webb admitted that the average cost of a wedding was higher than she expected, but there was at least one expense that she wouldn’t be cutting costs with; “…pictures. It’s going to be the happiest day of our lives, and we’ll be making history. Of course we’re going to have a photographer — we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we’ve even called one already! We called Paul [Underhill] because we just love his unique style; it’s like a documentary.”

Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill is a photojournalist known best for his wedding documentary photography, which aims to capture the essence of each wedding by taking natural photos that can be viewed in sequence to capture the story behind each couple’s happiest moments.

“The cost of a good photographer is usually one of the biggest costs in the wedding budget. But considering all of the effort to book the dream venue and the dream dress, those memories can be brought back to life and remembered after many years whilst looking back at your wedding albums and sharing that special day with your loved ones,” says Underhill.

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