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Sun, sand, sea and flying children – the alternative family photos

One of the things that I love about my job is meeting new people, I guess that’s quite important as a family portrait photographer? Bo, who is one of the sons, contacted me to arrange a photo shoot of his extended family. The Solbol family are Danish and some members were visiting the UK having a family reunion, it was also the Father’s 65th birthday.

They really wanted their family shoot on the beach, so we arranged for it to be on a day when it was sunny to take full advantage of the Dorset coastline. We did have to postpone the shoot due to bad weather, but the following day were perfect blue skys.

Families come in all shapes and sizes all of which have their own way of doing things, the Salbol family were particularly full of energy so I took advantage. From the usual family line up to more energetic activities, with some photographer inspiration calling out “group hugs!”, “who can jump the highest?” (Bo won that one) and “strike a pose!”, we managed to capture the different personalities and allowed everyone to express themselves.

It was a great hour and was so nice to meet them all, had an absolutely fantastic time. Here are some of my favourite family photos from the shoot:

[nggallery id=160]

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